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Wooden Pallet Machinery, Automatic Pallet Machinery , Pallet Nailing Machine, Pallet Block Making Machine, Wood Pallet Machines and much more of most praiseworthy quality can be obtained from us at most nominal rates...

About Us

The markets of Pallet Making Machines across the globe has witnessed excellence since Zhengzhou Invech Machinery Co. Limited has made its first step in the industry. Working as a Manufacturer and Exporter, we have always made sure of one thing, which is to attain perfection in each task we execute in our firm. This is what leads us towards earning distinction in the markets and makes us a well praised business firm of the markets. The ambit of machines we offer to our clients consists Wooden Pallet Machinery, Automatic Pallet Machinery , Wood Pallet Nailing Machinery, Semi Pallet Nailing Machine, Wood Block Machine and much more. Ever since the inception of our company, we have been a partner of customers on which they can blindly rely for availing machines which they can trust.

Most Popular Products
Automatic Pallet Making Machine
Automatic Pallet Making Machine can nailing and stacking at same time, the output can reach to 150-180pcs/hr.

Quality Assurance

It is our commitment to serve the finest quality products to our customers which has led us towards earning immense reputation in this market. The quality we serve is basically the forte of our company because it has always been our aim to excel in manufacturing the machines we offer our customers and always ascertain that they avail flawless quality from us. Owing to which, we ascertain that the engineering tasks are executed by highly experienced personnel and are strictly monitored for perfection. Further, a team of quality assuring expert is appointed by us who examine the functioning of our machines for its overall smoothness. And, also we have appointed a third party to verify the quality prior to the dispatch of our products which has led us towards earning ISO 20001 accreditation.

Why Choose Our Company?

It has not been hard for us to attract the respected customers to deal with us but it has been crucial for us to do so. As, we are a company which recently introduced itself and are willing to offer the most reliable quality machine to our clients. Owing to which we understand that we are required to make ourselves a priority in the markets and ascertain that our customers are always benefited from our end. Having such an aim in mind to satisfy the clients and make relationships with them, we have maintained a number of parameters on the basis of which we assure that we provide advantages to our customers. Listed below are some of those benefits of dealing with us:-
  • We Customize our machines as per the requirements of the customers.
  • We have maintained a huge variety in our portfolio of products which can be suitable for wooden packaging, logistics, Transportation and even for furniture making.
  • We competitively price the products we serve.

Hydraulic Pallet Production Line
Hydraulic Pallet Production Line